Ngu Lee Hieng

Ngu is a purpose driven and creative leader skilled at proactively developing businesses and leading teams. He is passionate about the empowerment of people. He is skilful in leadership and team building. He has the ability to build genuine trust with clients, building vision focused company management,highly experienced in capital raising and strategic oversight.

Ngu has been working as an instructor for Core Value Training since 2008 which included leading discussions, sharing and mentoring participants to further their understanding about leadership, relationships, self-actualisation, etc. He has traveled globally to speak at different conferences, seminars and classroom settings and lead others to living a more fulfilled and meaningful life. 

Ngu has been chosen as one of the host among the 30 hosts and hostesses all over the world for the online learning program created by Linda Chandler, I AM extended platform. He has been hosting the learning platform for leaders and entrepreneurs from around the world. 

Ngu is now a Certified Trainer for Pembangunan Sumber Manusia Berhad (HRDF)

Ling Mio Ting

Mioting is a visionary and purpose driven leader in the community. She has a highly energetic personality, a skilled motivator and highly effective in drawing the yearly planning and organisation of work in achieving goals. She has deep understanding of human behaviours, excellence in team building and the application of leadership skill.

She has been working in the team at Core Value Training since 2006 in the enrolment of participants from all over the world. She has been actively involved in organising the training as a head logistic which includes overseeing the flow of the training program, evaluation of participants progress and organising relevant activities for the program. She is also the organiser and facilitator of the weekly gatherings and group discussion on the application of lessons learned after each of the training session. She has been the trainer and the business advisor for some companies from different parts of the world since 2014. She has clients from China, from Cambodia and from different part of Malaysia.

Mioting is the founder of Green Seed Project since 2012. She has organised and hosted events of 1000s people from all over the world to plant trees at various places throughout Malaysia and overseas.

She is now a Certified Trainer for Pembangunan Sumber Manusia Berhad (HRDF)

Nathanie Ngu

My name is Nathanie and my experience comes from my career in music. My goal is to become a world renowned singer and songwriter. Contrary to popular belief, to build a career in music in this time, one must have good music but amazing marketing. Due to this, I have done research, and spend hours making content for different platforms to push my music. I created a website, utilized social media and wrote to different media outlets to gain exposure. Through my efforts, my song Paris has been streamed almost 80,000 times and other songs with streams in the range of 10 to 20 thousand. This is just the beginning! I am constantly exploring the world of digital marketing, as it is constantly transforming.

While at the University of Arizona, I honed and sharpened my skills in graphic design and social media marketing while I interned with the Native American Student Association. Moreover, I’m a self taught free lancer who builds and designs websites on WordPress, Squarespace and Wix. I have built 3 website for 2 educational institutions and my personal website, Moreover, through analyzing trends and data, I was able to garner over 20 thousand followers on a Tik Tok page with other creators.

In addition to being a trainer, I’m currently working on my next album, marketing for a book I wrote with my friend called “Seven Eight” and marketing for a musical project with the group SZN.

Come and learn and grow with me